What is Artglass?

The stained glass in the Gothic churches, chandeliers in the Baroque palaces, crystal wares in the Royal interior is the hallmark of luxury, regal and noble. The art form is known as art glass. Art glass is strongly appealing to human visual. The light creates the color illusion of glass objects, it also changes the objects' shape, whereby the glass artwork becomes glister and marvelous. Artistic creation from glass is seen as the material of beautiful and elegant living space, which is an art for high class living style. As jewelries of beauties, art glass beautifies life, makes the living space more luxurious, and wakes up in us the desire to explore the infinity of the object. Artglass® corporate...





Sight seeing





The glass lotus fountain

Mandala Chùa Hương

Hương nghiêm pháp đường - Chùa Hương - Hà Nội

Long Thành Golf

The Supreme Mission

The Lotus for Uncle Ho

12 national landscapes


"Mr. Bui Chi Cong"

An art glass artist and leading professional in Vietnam

Who is an art glass artist and leading professional in Vietnam, is the Deputy Secretary of Vietnam Glass Association, a member of the Glass Art Association and a member of the Stained Glass Association of America.

"Mr. Graham Taylor"

A renowned International architect and designer

Who is himself, a renowned International architect and designer of well-known projects throughout South East Asia, Middle East and Europe, has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and Vietnam. He is the CEO of Design Tek Group and owner of Graham Taylor Designs - an international space planning, environmental and interior design company from UK.

"Mr. Pham Van Hang"

A sculptor, the artist of outstading sculptures

He had the honor to achieve  the 10-year Vietnam Sculpture, 2-year Vietnam architecture; who is also a member of Vietnam Fine Art Association.



"Mr. Nguyen Luan"

Civil stratergist and architetural theory critic

Who achieved UIA 1972 and UNESCO 1979.


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